Paths to Wealth Through Common Stocks


A timeless classic, Paths to Wealth through Common Stocks includes one distinctive concept after another, each tailored to profoundly refine the results of those who manage their own investments and help select the right advisor to those who rely on professional investment advice. This book is a supplementary of Fisher's highly regarded Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits. Rich with in-depth insights and expert advice, many of the ideas spotted here may vary from typical investment wisdom, but the impressive results brought by these concepts will surely remind you why Philip Fisher is considered a legend.

Table of Contents


Preface. The Need for Additional Investment Books

Part I. Adjusting to the Key Influences of the 1960's

  • Stocks and Inflation

  • Institutional Buying

  • Foreign Competition

  • Increased Population

  • The Economists Go Out, the Psychologists Come In

Part II. How the Greatest Increases in Stock Values Come About

  • Alert Corporate Management

  • A New Concept

  • The Role of Institutional Buying

  • A Reward Usually Overlooked

Part III. You and Where Your Investment Business Must Go

  • Methods of Investment Evaluation

  • Five Steps for Selecting the Right Investment Counselor

Part IV. Trivia, but not Entirely

  • What About Mergers? 

  • Voting Rights and Proxy Fights

  • Stocks and Election Prospects

Part V. Major Growth Industries of the 1960's

  • Chemical

  • Electronics

  • Drug

  • Others

  • The False

  • Growth Industries of the Postwar Market

  • What About Oils?