Options Profit Engine

Parent Entity

Options Profit Engine is a groundbreaking options advisory service delivering professional level study and trading strategies to individual investors. This is the brainchild of expert options trader Jay Soloff. This newsletter reveals his trading secrets, the ones that made him a highly sought after trader. It brings weekly options trade setups using specialized proprietary trading strategies designed to work on any market condition.


Options Profit Engine weekly issues 

You’ll receive in-depth analysis on trades so you feel more comfortable and familiar with options

Options Profit Engine trade alerts (4-6 trades per month)

You’ll save time simply waiting for alerts on trades, plus I break down how to actually make the trade so you know exactly what buttons to push in your brokerage

Private Video Channel

Here I break down the spread strategy so you know it like the back of your hand. Plus, as a bonus, I have two other strategies to show you at no extra charge.

Monthly Strategy Sessions 

This is your opportunity to ask your questions and have them answered on video. These sessions are important because I’ll touch on new strategies, the market outlook overall, and analyze our past trades.

The Daily Ticker

Perhaps the most powerful, underground tool we have here. This Ticker allows you and I to stay in contact throughout the trading day. Because I use the Ticker to release thoughts about that day in real-time and if we need to make any changes in our trades. You won’t have to wait for the next weekly issue to get an update on our positions.

Portfolio Update page

Here you’ll see all our open and past positions so you can monitor our track record, and that’ll give you confidence to stick with the service