Options Floor Trader PRO

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Options Floor Trader PRO is the entry point to the world of profitable option trades. This premium service has a simple goal: to take you from a beginner option trader with a small account to a confident market player with a larger portfolio. It will also show you how to get around mispriced options. This is your chance to quickly multiply your extra cash sitting around, but only if you follow the right trades.


The Extra Class Masterclass for Options

This is the perfect class for any one new to options or who have never had success with them. You get step-by-step instructions, including what buttons to push, so you can trade your first profitable option. Inside are my top four buying options trading strategies. 

7 Reasons Option Traders Fail (and 11 Ways to Help)

Many pros tell you to approach options like stocks. My friend, options are a whole different ball game. This report alone could save you thousands in mistakes. 

26 Places to Locate “Extra Cash” in the Next 30 Days

I won’t leave anything to chance. Here is a special bonus with tips I’ve gathered over the years to ‘locate’ extra cash around your life. Included is my ‘goldmine’ site to generate $100...even $500 bucks in a single weekend. 

2 Option Trades Per Month

Every month, you’ll get 2 trades that could skyrocket even 127% in as little as 23 days. The trades take only minutes to execute and their based on my top four time-tested buying strategies. 

2 Educational Write-ups with Each Trade

Not only will I show you ‘what’ to trade, but I’ll also explain the thought behind each. This gets you onto the fast track of being an experienced trader without doing all the research yourself. 

[ADD-ON BONUS #1]: The Top Two Sectors to TRADE This Year

There are two industries this year I expect to be very good for options traders. One of them is my comfort blanket because they are so good to trade after earnings. 

[ADD-ON BONUS #2]: The Top Two Sectors to AVOID This Year

Two sectors this year are on my naughty list. One of them produce options that are just too expensive. Buying expensive options will murder your portfolio. The other I just don’t see enough volatility to be worth your while.