Motley Fool Pro

Parent Entity

Motley Fool Pro is a Motley Fool subscription service featuring a real-money portfolio composed of stocks, exchange traded funds, and options. It looks into the stock market for the best risk-adjusted investment returns and mixes philosophies and strategies. A more advanced Motley Fool service, it uses options to hedge against potential risk and down markets, and combines complex strategies to generate income. Motley Fool Pro is dedicated to investors who are trying to grow their capital while also hedging to prevent massive dowswings. Jeff and team pick stocks and then layer in options trades to hedge risk, gain leverage, or make income for the portfolio.

  • Motley Fool Pro aims to achieve 7% annual returns over and above inflation, which requires the team to be tremendously disciplined in making consistent trades to clear that difficult hurdle.
  • It was launched to deliver subscribers low-volatility, consistent profits.
  • This publication claims to be more flexible and makes long and short bets and uses options in addition to more standard stock picks.

Motley Fool Pro subscription gets you:

  • Detailed research write-ups on every stock in the Pro
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to execute every trade
  • A commitment to investor education
  • An elite, engaged investing community