Motley Fool Options

Parent Entity

Motley Fool Options is an options-picking service designed to help options traders and investors make the most of the opportunities on the market. Motley Fool Options offers options education, investment strategies, and most importantly, options trade alerts. The team searches for the best options trades to recommend to their subscribers, and shows how to properly use these options on their portfolios with a long-term mindset. They want the members to end up owning shares of these attractive companies – in addition to the premium income they pocket for writing puts.

  • Motley Fool Options includes a training course titled options U specifically designed to help new investors understand every component of different options trades and the strategies underlying those trades.
  • Through Motley Fool Options, you’ll receive a world-class options education in easy-to-swallow pieces with our exclusive options University.
  • Discover how one select group of Fools have regularly racked up 165%, 109%, even 233% returns with an amazing 85+% profitability rate on their closed options trades.
  • Learn how adding a few simple options investments to your existing portfolio can potentially make more than double the returns you would have made just by owning the stock.