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Investing QuickStart Guide: The Simplified Beginner's Guide to Successfully Navigating the Stock Market, Growing Your Wealth & Creating a Secure Financial Future

The Investing QuickStart Guide is a simple but extensive introduction to the world of investing. It introduces a bold but practical asset allocation investment philosophy that is highly appropriate for market newcomers. This handbook provides a complete picture of bonds, treasuries, ETFs, indexes, mutual funds, and several other investment securities. Ultimately, with the extraordinary investment wisdom this book offers, you will never have to worry about your investments, ever again.

Praise for Investing QuickStart Guide

"Useful information and practical application are what people look for when they start investing their own money. Ted has compiled valuable, easy-to-learn-and-understand graphics, anecdotes, reminders, hints, and examples of what it takes to establish a foundation of solid investment skills. Three decades of experience are shining through in his book to educate people to be successful investors."

— Erin Botsford, CFP®, CRPC, CEO, Botsford Financial Group

"Ted has always impressed me with his perfect balance between superior financial planning and genuine care for his clients. This book is full of Ted's wisdom. It is an excellent, well written, easy-to-understand foundation for beginners wanting to start investing, and a wonderful resource for tenured investors."

— Ken Painter, CFP®, Founder & Chief Wealth Advisor, Strata Wealth Advisors LLC

"The Investing QuickStart Guide will help anyone who is serious about learning the important principles of Investing. It will be equally worthwhile as a reference for those with some experience. It is an easy read, written in an understandable way, with great insights. It is a valuable part of my Investing library."

— David H. Easton, CFP®, Principal, Catalyst Retirement Advisors

"Ted has accomplished a rare blend of important objectives in this book. On the one hand, this resource is an excellent introduction for new investors to devour as they learn the discipline and strategies it takes to be a good investor.  On the other hand, I found Ted's compilation to be an excellent reference for the experienced investment team in our advisory office. While I was familiar with most of the topics discussed, there were some that I needed a refresher on, which Ted has done succinctly and effectively. Now, instead of immediately turning to Google or Investopedia, I'll turn to this book when I need to research an investment concept."

— Alan Roseman, CPA, CFP®, CAP® & Chris Langford, CAP®