Gold Past $10,000


Gold in 2019 finally burst through the $1,350 ceiling that had been established during the crash of 2013. Gold’s current price of $1,550 may be materially higher than where it has traded over the past six years, and it has returned most gold miners to profitability, but it is nothing compared to where the price of gold is headed. For the benefit of new readers and to jog the memories of long-time followers, Gold Past $10,000 work through the admittedly circuitous but conceptually simple reasoning behind the reason why the dollar price of gold is heading well above $10,000 per ounce.

  • According to Dan Oliver, gold will reach $10,000 per ounce because the money that will drive the price there has already been issued.

  • In his research, he suggested that when tax revenues plummet and the assets of the central banks are held worthless, that is when gold will shoot into the multi-thousands of dollars per ounce.