Empire Elite Trader


The Empire Elite Trader is a short-term trading advisory from Enrique Abeyta. Published weekly that draws from a pool of around 100 mid- to large-cap stocks, it generally recommends trades that are held for less than a few months in smaller US companies. This newsletter is inspired by Abeyta’s experience on Wall Street, which led him to outperform the broad S&P 500 Index over the long term on a net and risk-adjusted basis. Enrique recommends trades to hold for a few days to a few months, focusing on quick gains. His model portfolio generally has no more than 20 stocks at any given time.

Empire Elite Trader subscribers have benefited from dozens of from quick gains, including:

  • 27% in 13 days on movie theater chain Cinemark (754% annualized)
  • 12% in 5 days on the payments giant Mastercard (888% annualized)
  • 14% in 12 days on software titan Microsoft (430% annualized)
  • 29% in six weeks on space tourism company Virgin Galactic (242% annualized)
  • 9% in 16 days on athletic wear maker Lululemon (214% annualized)
  • 22% in seven weeks on software company Paycom (166% annualized)
  • 23% in 11 weeks on gym chain Planet Fitness (110% annualized)
  • And more...