Daily Flash Cash

Daily Flash Cash introduces a brand new tool with the power to generate money every time the market is open. For the first time ever, a tool has been devised that can dictate the exact minute and duration you want your money to be active in a trade, even before the market even opens. This proprietary trading method selects the most powerful flashpatterns and then issue member updates so you can make money every day, without fail. Giving the biggest initiative to date, Daily Flash Cash offers an insane amount of value, support, training, and recommendations—all so you can make thousands of dollars in just two hours of trading.


Three-Part Video Training Series

Where he will show you how to turn daily flashpatterns into incredible gains every single day.

Daily Flash Cash Trade Sheets

A detailed list of the day's most lucrative flashpatterns.

Daily Flash Cash Updates

Trade recommendations to make you money in a matter of hours each day.

Weekly Live Trading Sessions

Where you can virtually stand behind Tom's shoulder as he shows you exactly how to execute these trades.

The Daily Flash Cash Network

A place to share stories, strategies, and tips with other members.

Daily Flash Cash Meetings

Regular events where Tom can present his ideas in person, shake hands with readers, and celebrate Daily Flash Cash's trading success.