Contemporary U.S. Tax Policy


Contemporary U.S. Tax Policy offers an insider's look at tax policy based on a quarter-century of working with officials of all political stripes. It outlines the principles of taxation in the early postwar period and the tax policy battles that began with the Reagan revolution and continue today. This edition offers a comprehensive investigation of President George W. Bush's second term in office―the push to privatize Social Security, the stalled tax code revision, the extension of the 2001 tax cuts, and other battles.

Praise for Contemporary U.S. Tax Policy

"Steuerle has just written a book, Contemporary U.S. Tax Policy, that ought to be studied by every member of Congress and, more importantly, addresses the insistent question: why is the federal tax system such a mess? The answer, in a word, is democracy."

Robert J. Samuelson, Contributing Editor, Newsweek

If you want to know how our tax laws really are made, read Gene Steuerle's valuable analysis of the past two extraordinary decades of fiscal policy. Steuerle brings an important perspective as both a long-time Washington insider and one of the nation's best tax economists to this complex and profoundly important tale.

Howard Gleckman, Senior Correspondent, Business Week

"Gene Steuerle has once again proven why he is one of the most honest and credible tax authorities in Washington. His book provides an unusually principled, unbiased, and reliable account of modern tax policy―a particularly important contribution when so many analysts on both the left and the right are focused on pushing ideological agendas."

Maya MacGuineas, Executive Director, Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget, The New America Foundation