Chaikin Analytics


Chaikin Analytics is a user-friendly stock analysis platform centered around the proven Chaikin Power Gauge™ rating. It combines fundamental, technical, and sentiment data to identify bullish stocks to buy and bearish stocks to sell. With ten years of backtesting, the 20-factor model has been proven to be one of the most accurate tools to predict the timing and direction in the world. It replaces hours of painstaking analysis with a simple rating.

"Chaikin Analytics delivers something that very few software tools do. The ability to have superb charting capabilities, but also Marc's proprietary algorithms not found in standard charting software. I highly recommend Chaikin Analytics to anyone looking to gain the edge needed for trading success."

Tom Gentile, Editor, Power Profit Trades

"Couldn’t Be Happier! I recently met one of our readers, who had purchased Chaikin Analytics after watching your presentation to Mauldin Economics viewers. He has already recouped his investment, via your options feature, and he couldn’t be happier with the service…"

Ed D'Agostino, Publisher, Mauldin Economics