Behavioral Law and Economics


Behavioral Law and Economics is an exciting volume that marks the birth of a new field—a field that studies law with reference to an accurate understanding of human behavior. It presents new findings in cognitive psychology and behavioral economics. Behavioral Law and Economics offers many new insights into these fields and suggestions for legal reform. With a better knowledge of human behavior, it is possible to predict the actual effects of the law, to see how the law might actually promote society's goals, and to reassess the questions of what law should be doing.

Praise for Behavioral Law and Economics

"Human psychology is complicated. The law and economics paradigm traditionally has treated it as simple. This volume splendidly marshals leading works by scholars, who in pursuit of realism, seek to add complexity to the traditional paradigm. A significant landmark in the field of law and social science."

— Robert C. Ellickson, Walter E. Meyer Professor of Property and Urban Law, Yale Law School

"This is a valuable contribution to the study of law and courts. This compilation serves to focus discussion on a set of particularly important theoretical challenges to the standard economic model. Thus, this book belongs on the shelf of any student of the law and courts who advocates or challenges the rational choice model of decision making on the courts."

 Paul J. Wahlbeck, The Law & Politics Book Review

"The essays in this book provide a clear and vivid introduction into a research program that promises to illuminate our understanding of how law influences behavior."

— New York Law Journal