Apex Profit Alert

Financial experts Matt Badiali and John Ross established that the most predictable sector in the market is natural resources. They have come up with this conclusion thanks to one thing: cycles. Using Badiali’s extensive experience in geology and finance, combined with Ross’ mastery in trading derivatives, they have devised Apex Profit Alert. This groundbreaking options trading service provides a reliable pattern in making consistent profits.


Trade alerts

Every day, Matt and John will monitor the Apex Profit System to find new trades that meet their time-tested criteria. And every time a new trade crosses their path — one they’ve personally vetted to help you make the most money possible — they’ll send a quick publication via email. It will include their full analysis on the opportunity along with easy-to-follow instructions to take action. If you’d like, they’ll even send you a text to alert you when a new trade is out. All told, you can expect a new trade recommendation every week on average.

Your weekly podcast

At the heart of your membership is your Apex Profit Podcast, where Matt and John go above and beyond their trade alerts to make sure you have a full handle on your membership. They’ll check in with you every Friday to provide their detailed analysis of the market, answer your questions, update you on open trades and cover any opportunities they’re investigating for future profits. 

The Apex Profit Playbook

This is a thorough breakdown of the market timing system behind Apex Profit Alert. Inside, you’ll discover everything you need to know about our unique methodology, how it promises to transform your financial life and how you can get started taking action today.

Options 101 Guide

To help you hit the ground running, you’ll receive a free copy of our exclusive Options 101 Guide, providing a quick rundown that will get you up to speed in no time. As you’ll discover after reading this report, Options are very easy to trade — no more difficult than buying simple shares of a stock.

A dedicated customer care team

You will receive a confidential number, giving you direct access to our highly-trained and specialized care team. These are men and women Matt and John have worked with specifically to help you as an Apex Profit Alert member. They are prepared to help you with any issues or questions you have regarding your subscription.

Exclusive website access

You’ll have an exclusive login and password for our encrypted website, where you can access every report, every trade alert, every update, as well as a model portfolio of every open and closed position, since we began publishing Apex Profit Alert. Anything you need to put your membership into action can be found here.