William Greenberg

William Greenberg

Formal First Name

William Greenberg is Chief Executive Officer and President of Two Harbors. Prior to this current role, he held several leadership positions within the company and had primary responsibility for the investment and hedging strategy of Two Harbor’s portfolio of conventional MSR and securities. Greenberg also served as a Managing Director at UBS, where he managed the mortgage repurchase liability risk related to over $100 billion of RMBS and whole loans issued and sold by the company. Greenberg has over 25 years of extensive experience managing portfolios of structured finance assets.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Greenberg was Co-Head of Trading within the SNB StabFund, including managing $40 billion of legacy RMBS, ABS, and CMBS securities and loans. 
  • He was a Managing Director at Natixis NA, where he co-managed portfolios of RMBS and Agency Mortgage Servicing Rights.