Will Clemente

Will Clemente

Formal First Name
William (Will)

Will Clemente is the Co-Founder of Reflexivity Research, an institutional grade, digital asset research and proprietary trading firm that provides leading research on macro, crypto, DeFi, and Bitcoin. Will is a renowned on-chain analyst, specializing in assessing the Bitcoin blockchain and the inflows and outflows of BTC from major centralized exchanges daily. He has quickly grown to become one of the most popular Bitcoin analysts on Crypto Twitter, with a following of more than 650,000. Prior to launching his own firm, he was a lead Insights analyst at Blockware Solutions, a blockchain infrastructure and network advisory firm.


  • Reflexivity Research offers direct access to insights on current market conditions, tutorials on implementing tools to navigate the market, and more.

  • The firm utilizes the data and tools to put forth in their research via their own proprietary trading desk, and also offers private consultations .

  • The firm's research reports are curated by industry experts to give you the best insights possible.


  • Will has appeared on a number of popular crypto podcasts and writes for Bitcoin Magazine.

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.