Ty Roberts

Ty Roberts

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Ty Roberts is a proven creative technologist and serial entrepreneur that builds an advanced unified approach to technology and entertainment. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Ty has been at the forefront of digital media. He is an experienced C-level technologist and business development executive who has built many teams and helped dozens of companies achieve their business objectives by doing what was required across the organization – from engineering to sales and marketing. As a technologist, he developed technologies and data that power products like iTunes, Sony TrackID, and Ford Sync that are used by hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide. He was an industry leader at ION, Gracenote and Universal Music Group, where he promoted new formats and standards that have fostered the growth of music, movies and television. Today, Ty is the Co-founder and CEO of FanTracks, a company that creates immersive live stream and virtual concept albums for A-list music artists.


  • Ty Roberts has shaped the digital entertainment world since he first began developing games in the 1980s.

  • He holds dozens of patents for his inventions and has created multiple technical standards across the industry.

  • He has been at the forefront of addressing issues relating to rights, royalties and innovative funding.

  • He co-wrote one of the first music authoring applications, Studio Session, and the first interactive music program, Jam Session.

  • Under his visionary leadership, he developed video games for Milton Bradley and Activision.

  • His knowledge and extensive contacts allow him to work across multiple industries to pull together ground-breaking ideas.


  • Ty is highly skilled in hybrid productions and concerts in the Metaverse which can incorporate NFTs, Avatars (versus video) and Xtended Reality (XR versus Augmented Reality).

  • His experience includes artist partnerships involving the real-time generation of special personalized and generative NFTs which can foster additional sustaining revenue.


  • Ty is an experienced public speaker, having appeared at hundreds of conferences.

  • He is often called upon by journals for opinions on industry issues.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.