Teng Yan

Teng Yan

Formal First Name
Yau Teng (Teng)

Teng Yan is a Researcher at Delphi Digital, a leading research firm committed to advancing the understanding and development of the digital asset market. In his role, Teng focuses on the NFT sectors and analyzes it into thoughtful and high-quality content for clients. He also seeks out innovative NFT projects and teams while supporting Delphi Ventures & Labs as needed. Teng began his interest in cryptocurrency in 2017 and has since expanded into a deep passion for NFTs, and the ownership, identity, and authenticity layer for the internet. He is also passionate about identifying early trends that bridge Web2 and Web3. Prior to Delphi, Teng was part of the senior team at Holmusk, a digital health startup focusing on data analytics and mobile solutions for mental healthcare.


  • At Holmusk, Teng straddled business develop develop develop development, product management and research while working with large multinational clients.

  • He was in charge of Holmusk's digital solutions and therapeutics division, building partnerships and creating business value. value. value. value.

  • He oversaw a portfolio of medically-sound, engaging & effective digital tools for conditions such as diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity, mental health & depression.

  • He also led a team of highly qualified health professionals and managed company operations at our Singapore HQ.