Skanda Amarnath

Skanda Amarnath

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Skanda Amarnath is Executive Director of Employ America, an organization that advocates for strong labor markets. To take action on his passion for sustainably tighter labor markets, he creates analytical content from macroeconomic and market data. Prior to joining Employ America in 2019, he was a Vice President at MKP Capital Management, a global alternative investment manager, where he also served as market economist and strategist. He previously worked as an Analyst within the Capital Markets function of the Research Group at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Professional Experience

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  • Amarnath is responsible for leading Employ America's research team and producing analysis on a wide range of economic issues.

  • He is an expert in inflation, labor markets, and monetary policy.

  • He also writes regular blog posts and articles on the Employ America website. Some of his recent blog posts include:

    • "Ten Thoughts On The Tribal “Transitory” Debate As We Enter 2024"

    • "December Core-Cast Post-PCE: Nowcasted Progress Confirmed"

    • "December Core-Cast Post-GDP: H2 Revisions Should Drag Down Core PCE To A 2 Handle Year-over-Year (Condensed)"


  • He is frequently quoted in the media and has presented his research at a number of conferences and events.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.