Sean Corrigan

Sean Corrigan

Formal First Name

Sean Corrigan is the Director of Cantillon Consulting. He is responsible for formulating a macro overview and its implications for various financial parameters such as bond yields and curves, credit spreads, and currency rates, both in absolute and relative terms. In addition, Corrigan brings a technically-based reading of market action and sentiment to develop tactical and strategic projections. Besides the publication of research reports and commentaries, Corrigan offers a more exhaustive treatment of various topics in finance and economics, mostly delivered from an Austrian School perspective.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Corrigan has been trading in, analyzing, and commenting upon financial markets since the mid-1980s, firstly in the City of London then moving to Switzerland over a decade ago.
  • He conducts intensive work in individual countries.
  • He conceptualizes broad concepts such as global liquidity and its relation to trade flows, output, revenues, and prices.
  • He has delivered addresses to conferences on topics as diverse as Austrian theory, money, and banking reform.
  • He conducted a regular "Round Table" discussion with renowned investor Jim Rogers.
  • He has made contributions to wider forums on topics such as the role of the entrepreneur, the limits of traditional macro, and the importance of capital preservation.
  • He was featured as one of the main two protagonists on the BBC Two "The Money Programme" special on commodity speculation.
  • He is a regular guest host on CNBC Squawk Box.
  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.