Robbie Ferguson

Robbie Ferguson

Formal First Name

Robbie Ferguson is the Co-Founder and President of Immutable, a market leader in blockchain gaming. He established the company as Fuel Games in 2018 with his brother James. Ferguson is a university dropout, previously studying a Bachelor of Advanced Science and a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Sydney. He was granted an Academic Scholarship for being the highest-ranked student in the Australian Tertiary Admissions. Over the summer, he built cryptocurrency auditing and Capital Gains Tax software for KPMG.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Ferguson is also known for leading the blockchain development of Etherbots.
  • He architected and developed both the provably fair smart contracts and the User Experience for interacting with them.
  • He then architected the transition from the single-game architecture used in Etherbots, to the generic and modular Apollo Platform on which Gods Unchained runs.
  • He also designed the marketing campaigns which led to sold-out sales and both games breaking the records for the most successful blockchain game sales.