Rayan Boutaleb

Rayan Boutaleb

Formal First Name

Rayan Boutaleb is the Founder and CEO of OnCyber, a virtual gallery in the metaverse that allows artists and collectors to showcase their favorite NFTs in fully-immersive 3D experiences, for free. Rayan is also a Fellow at Uncollege, a Thiel-fellowship winning project that teaches self-directed learning. Prior to launching OnCyber, he was the Co-founder and CEO of Wipe, an on-demand car wash service based in Paris.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • OnCyber provides an interconnected, decentralized and immersive world that revolves around art and culture.

  • The platform allows collectors to explore and architects to apply for a chance to build their own space in the OnCyber.

  • Through OnCyber, users can build a community through immersive spaces, and build and sell spaces as a 3D artist.


  • Previously, Rayan was a full stack engineer for, a French startup that aims to improve shopper experience through customization.

  • He was a lead software engineer for Hagwon Edu, an online social learning tracker.


  • Rayan has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.