Ran Goldshtein

Ran Goldshtein

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Ran Goldi is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of First DAG, a firm that enables merchants to succeed in expanding globally and growing revenue through an innovative, global digital payments platform. At First, he has been creating blockchain-related products and services since 2017, focusing on payment acceptance for stablecoins and CBDCs. He is also involved with several activities including liquidity provider, custodian, asset management, algo-trading and research. Ran is also an Insider for YL Ventures, an exclusive program for select, leading Israeli entrepreneurs and experts that support YLV portfolio companies and generate opportunities within the Israeli ecosystem. Prior to establishing First, Ran co-founded and managed an algorithmic trading company, acted as VP in a company he took public in London Stock Exchange, and served as the Head of IT investments for a private equity fund.

Professional Experience


  • At First, he leads the team in providing reliable and interoperable payment means and trading rails for the evolving cross-border ecommerce market.

  • He is a Director and General Manager for Maximize Algo Trading, managing one of Israel's most powerful algo-trading companies.

  • He was Vice President of Mobile for Crossrider, where he was part of the team for the company's initial public offering.

  • As Head of IT investments at ISHRA, he led investments in various technological sectors, focusing on cyber and ecommerce.

  • He was Co-founder and CTO of sProphet, a platform that offers a new way to share and make predictions about real sporting events.

  • He was also Director of Business Development at VideoCells, a provider of cloud-based video surveillance for TelCos and ISPs.

  • Ran is a seasoned entrepreneur with a technological and financial background. He is a former captain in the Israeli Intelligence Corps.



  • Ran has appeared and spoken to various podcasts and publications related to PSPs.

  • He is  a volunteer for Midburn, a platform which allows a communal lifestyle, creativity, art and radical self-expression.

  • Ran has also appeared as a guest in Real Vision.