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Ovie Faruq

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Ovie Faruq, popularly known as OSF in the NFT space, is a former Wall Street trader turned Web3/NFT investor, builder and artist. Faruq is the Co-founder of Canary Labs, an investor in early-stage Web3 opportunities and provider of NFT advisory and consultancy services. He creates and manages NFT projects through Canary Labs, including Degenz and rektguy, an NFT collection he created with artist Alien Queen. In addition, Faruq has built up a strong community around his Degenz NFT collection, complete with an NFT-generated Discord server. As an established NFT artist with a focus on community building, he has been featured in SuperRare and Foundation. Prior to jumping into the NFT space full-time in early 2022, Faruq spent most of his career in traditional finance as a trader at Barclays, where he focused on trading credit and credit derivatives.

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  • OSF started making his first non-fungible token while working as a trader at the London-based Barclays.

  • He is well known in the NFT space and has sold several high value NFTs. 

  • During the Bored Ape Yacht Club launch in May 2021, Faruq minted 150 apes, most of which he subsequently sold.


  • Degenz is an online community of degenerates punting around crypto and NFTs.

  • Degenz, an NFT resources platform and community, offers NFT reports, daily market commentary and exclusive NFT minting opportunities.

  • As a member, you can access gated NFT and crypto reports, exclusive Discord channels, the Degenz network, and exclusive NFT drops.