Nate O'Brien

Nate O'Brien

Formal First Name
1983 - present

Nate O'Brien is an American investor, entrepreneur, and internet personality. He is best known for his personal finance and lifestyle YouTube channel, which has amassed over 1 million subscribers and 50 million views since 2018. With a passion for personal finance, productivity, and personal development, Nate has set out on a journey to help millions of others achieve financial success. He is also part of a bunch of affiliate programs such as Robinhood, Yota Savings app, and Ladderlife which he continuously links in his YouTube descriptions. In 2020, Nate was recognized as one of the top nine Millennial YouTube channels by Forbes.

  • Nate’s YouTube Channel has 1 million subscribers and according to Social Blade, it grows with about 45k subscribers every month.

  • Nate aims to teach as many people as possible about the inner workings of personal finance while keeping the content 100% free.

  • He has been featured in Forbes, CNBC, and WWD, and his videos have reached nearly every country and demographic in the world.

  • He is also the co-owner of Santrel Media, a marketing agency based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.