Nardo Manaloto

Nardo Manaloto

Formal First Name

Nardo Manaloto is a computer scientist, deep tech executive, startup entrepreneur and healthcare technology industry veteran with over 25 years of management experience in solving healthcare challenges using innovation, user-centered design, enterprise architecture, and new technologies. Nardo is the Managing Partner of Qubits Ventures, a venture capital firm specializing in early-stage quantum tech startups.He is the Founding Principal and CEO of CATALIZE, a deep tech and healthcare innovation ecosystem, and also runs a quantum and photonics accelerator in partnership with Founder Institute, a global accelerator in Silicon Valley. Nardo has worked with various healthcare stakeholders and is a strategic thought leader in ecosystem development, solution concepts, systems analysis, emerging technologies and product architecture, among others. He has also worked with technology startups including roles as Chief Product Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, and Chief Technology Officer with companies that utilize smart virtual data fabrics, artificial intelligence algorithms and capabilities. To date, Nardo has accelerated 36 startups, raised $395M, created 2 unicorns with a total value of $2.5B.

Professional Experience



  • Nardo was Founder and CEO of Eonify, a corporate innovation and enterprise technology consulting to large healthcare providers and government institutions.

  • He was Director of Innovation, Solution Design and System Transition at Kaiser Permanente, where he funded and partnered with innovative tech companies.

  • He was a Senior Manager at Health Net, where he designed the firm's new medical management system and managed software development life cycle.

  • He was a Senior Manager of BI and Product Solutions at Avega, where he focused on product-market fit and user-centered design.

  • Nardo has extensive experience in startup ecosystems development, startup acceleration, digital transformation, business readiness, and enterprise system transition.

  • He specializes in hybrid value chains, and applied innovations to solve complex problems using current and emerging technologies.

  • He also specializes in machine learning, intelligent integration, rapid acceleration prototyping, user experience, and data architecture, among others.

  • He had worked in many areas in healthcare from the health plan, provider, hospital, patient, consumer and community point of view. 


  • He has won several healthcare innovation awards for solutions in the areas of AI, secure messaging, communication and social collaboration.

  • Nardo has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.