Mike Sanders

Mike Sanders

Formal First Name
J. Michael (Mike)

Mike Sanders is a Senior Managing Director of Venturi Wealth Management, an investment advisory and wealth management services firm. For more than 30 years, Mike has built and overseen sales, marketing and research organizations for companies in the financial services industry. He spent 24 years at Goldman Sachs Equities Division, where he was the Partner and Managing Director responsible for the US Shares Institutional sales force and founding of the Hudson Street initiative. Mike also brought operational expertise through his prior roles at Ned Davis Research and Potomac Research Group. Throughout his career, Mark has run large organizations and offices for large businesses and companies, where he was responsible for developing strategy and delivering performance in addition to overseeing entire operations.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Prior to his current role, Mike was President and Director of Venturi Wealth Management, before transitioning to Senior Managing Director.

  • Mike is an expert at identifying opportunities, developing strategic directors and putting the right people in place to execute.

  • Throughout his career, he was able to succeed in managing and leading both large, mid-sized, and small organizations.

  • He served as Executive Director and Head of Sales at Potomac Research Group Holdings, LLC.

  • He was Chief Executive Officer at Davis, Mendel & Regenstein, Inc. and Executive Director of Ned Davis Research.

  • At Ned Davis, his primary role was establishing a longer-strategic direction for the firm.

  • He was instrumental in business development, client relationships, new sales and marketing initiatives, product development, and profitability.

  • At Goldman Sachs, he had the opportunity to hire, train and mentor hundreds of sales people, analysts, and strategists.

  • He holds a Business Degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and has served as a Board Member of Wall Street on Demand (Markit).