Marc Schechter

Marc Schechter

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Marc Schechter, Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managing Director of Schechter Wealth, brings an entrepreneurial background, drive and focus to the firm. He guides Schechter in its efforts to provide extraordinary financial counsel and service to high net worth families while becoming one of the most well-respected investment advisory firms in the country. Marc is a technical expert in the life insurance space and has been a catalyst for the firm’s creative uses of life insurance that go well beyond traditional insurance for estate tax and protection purposes. He has also been repeatedly invited to speak to numerous groups of financial professionals, CPAs, and attorneys.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Marc Schechter is active in sourcing and due diligence of many direct investments being considered and made by Schechter Private Capital.

  • He is also active in identifying many of the alternative funds allocated to by Schechter Investment Advisors (RIA) on behalf of clients.

  • He sits on the board of Industrious, an SPC investment in a co-working business changing the way corporate real estate is managed.

  • Marc spends a significant amount of time educating and partnering with investment advisors, banks, and insurance agents around the country to distribute Schechter capabilities and solutions broadly. 

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