Mads Eberhardt

Mads Eberhardt

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Mads Eberhardt is a Senior Cryptocurrency Analyst at Steno Research, an independent source for macro, geopolitical and cryptocurrency analyses. Mads has 8 years of hands-on experience in the crypto market. Prior to joining Steno Research, he was a Cryptocurrency Analyst at Saxo Bank, where he primarily conducted detailed analyses of the crypto market both from a trading perspective, as well as from the technical side. Previously, he founded one of the largest Danish crypto-brokers, and served as a Trader at Bitcoin Suisse, one of the world's biggest crypto brokers in the "Crypto Valley" – Zug, Switzerland.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Since 2015, Mads has been an active participant in the crypto space and has developed a strong belief in the potential of crypto to shape the future.

  • He has extensive insight into the crypto market covering both trading and technical facets.

  • He is a trusted thought leader and expert in the field, helping shape and drive progress in the world of crypto-assets.


  • At Saxo Bank, he was a member of the SaxoStrats team, where he specialized in the analysis of crypto-assets and provided expertise in all matters related to crypto.

  • He was a Junior Trader at Bitcoin Suisse, responsible for the execution of trades on behalf of clients.

  • He was also involved in managing liquidity on various cryptocurrency exchanges for Bitcoin Suisse and monitoring the company's collaterized loans.

  • He was the Founder of BetterCoins. Under his leadership, BetterCoins became one of the largest crypto-brokers in Denmark.