Lutz Muller

Lutz Muller

Formal First Name

Lutz Muller has been active in the toy industry since 1984 and is an acknowledged expert on the industry. He has been providing services to one of the top three U.S. banks and one of the top three non-public toy companies worldwide. Muller consults with banks and hedge funds and hence does not trade in any stocks associated with companies active in the spaces he focuses on. He also is a monthly contributor to Seeking Alpha.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Between 1984 and 2002, Lutz was the CEO at five different manufacturing companies catering to the United States and international mass retailers. 
  • He has lived on five continents and speaks six languages—Swiss-German, English, German, French, Thai, Portuñol, and Lao. 
  • He has a monthly column at TOYS, Germany's leading industry publication. 
  • He is a member of MENSA. 
  •  His skills include overseas sourcing, logistics, guerilla marketing, and "big box" selling.