Justin Scheck

Justin Scheck

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Justin Scheck is a veteran investigative reporter, foreign correspondent, and co-author of Blood and Oil, a revelatory book that delves deep at the inner workings of the world's most powerful royal family. During his tenure as an award-winning Wall Street Journal reporter, he has been based in London, New York, and most recently San Francisco, where he was part of the paper's Polk-award-winning coverage on Facebook. Scheck has worked at WSJ since 2007, covering white collar crime across four continents, and he was part of a team of Journal reporters that exposed the inner workings of Amazon’s third-party marketplace. Prior to joining WSJ, he covered federal courts and plaintiff lawyers for a legal newspaper. Recently, Scheck joined The New York Times’ international investigations team.

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  • Blood and Oil is a product of investigative journalism about one of the world's most decisive and dangerous new leaders - Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

  • Co-authors Hope and Scheck show how MBS's rise to power affects Saudi Arabia and the U.S.'s relation for oil and military protection.

  • The book details how MBS acquired a network of Western allies - including well-known US bankers, Hollywood figures, and politicians.


  • His team tracked Amazon goods to dozens of dangerous Bangladeshi factories that had been shunned by the world’s leading retailers. 

  • The project was a Pulitzer finalist for investigative reporting and received an Emmy nomination.

  • He covered large European oil companies and other energy-related stories.

  • Prior to covering energy, Justin wrote about crime, technology companies and animals in the Journal's San Francisco bureau.