Julie Klinger

Julie Klinger

Formal First Name

Dr. Julie Klinger is an Assistant Professor of Geography at the University of Delaware. Her current research focuses on the dynamics of global resource frontiers, with a particular focus on social and environmental sustainability. Her research uses qualitative and quantitative methods combined with extensive fieldwork. Dr. Klinger often works in local languages with diverse stakeholders to discover the underlying causes of environmental degradation and livelihood insecurity. She is dedicated to finding collaborative solutions to the most critical sustainability issues of our time.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • Dr. Klinger has full professional fluency in Mandarin and Portuguese.
  • She has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.
  • Some of her research experience includes:
    • rural development in the Himalayas
    • Brazil-China relations
    • the impacts of rare earth mining around the world
    • the role of international outer space cooperation in global development