JG Savoldi

JG Savoldi

Formal First Name
James Gregory (JG)

JG Savoldi is a financial market forecaster known for his proprietary Behavioral Analysis of Market Model and the global, macro market forecasts that it generates. JG also created the BAM-VI (Velocity Indicator), BAM Magnets, as well as a method for predicting future zones of strength and weakness to create the 'BAM' Model or "Behavioral Analysis of Markets" model. The BAM Model is an entirely new investment theory based on "behavioral analysis" and his discovery of “fractal capitulations". Prior to launching The BAM Report, he worked as a prop trader at Standard Pacific Capital-- a San Francisco hedge fund w/ over 5b AUM at the time. He is credited with predicting the December 2018 Bitcoin melt up and crash through real-time Bitcoin Forecasts and Bitcoin Investing updates on Linkedin.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • He studied stock market history, Elliott Wave Theory, and everything he could absorb from conversations with market veterans like Jimmy Rogers.
  • The Behavioral Analysis of Markets Model has been in development since 1989 and is fast becoming a worldwide leader in forecasting excellence.
  • His BAM Model specializes in forecasting the S&P 500 / Bonds / US Dollar / Gold / Crude Oil and Bitcoin, as well as corresponding 3x ETFs and individual stocks.
  • JG's model successfully forecast the 2007 TOP and 2008-2009 collapse with specific sector detail and is credited with forecasting and profiting from some of the most unexpected, unpredictable price moves in modern history.

The BAM Model was:

  • Credited with forecasting the Bitcoin Melt-Up and Crash of December 2017
  • Credited with forecasting the huge bull move in the wheat market 2005-2008
  • Credited with forecasting the huge bull move in Crude Oil and subsequent collapse of 2008
  • Credited with forecasting the bottom and huge bull market in the Orange Juice market 2005-06