Jeffrey Spotts

Jeffrey Spotts

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Jeffrey Spotts is the Founder and Portfolio Manager of Prophecy Asset Management, a provider of investment management services. He has over 30 years of industry experience, and is considered a prolific technical analyst, trader, and entrepreneur providing portfolio management services to clients. His method includes analyzing the sponsorship trend, relative strength position, and fundamental qualities of each company. Prior to Prophecy, Spotts was with Merrill Lynch, where he worked in various areas of the firm including origination, research, and asset management. Recently, Prophecy co-founder and president John Hughes pleaded guilty to defrauding dozens of clients out of $294 million.

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  • Prophecy Asset Management Co-Founder John Hughes pleaded guilty to defrauding dozens of clients out of $294 million, said the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey.

  • According to the SEC complaint, from 2014 to March 2020, Hughes and Spotts misled investors about activities at Prophecy, making false statements about the funds’ diversity, liquidity, stability and returns.


  • Influenced by William O’Neil and Tom Demark, Spotts understands that price action is the most telling factor in the market and that good timing can be achieved through a confluence of indications. 

  • His audited track record since 1998 has produced a gross return of 1,980%, with no down calendar years, or monthly drawdowns greater than 11%. 

  • His expertise in stock selection led to him being hand-picked by Fari Hamzei to co-author Master Traders: Strategies for Superior Returns from Today’s Top traders