Jason Kelly

Jason Kelly

Formal First Name
1973 - present

Jason Kelly is the Editor of The Kelly Letter, a weekly e-mail newsletter reporting on financial markets. He learned to write concisely at the IBM Silicon Valley Lab and eventually turned that skill to the world of finance with his book series and educational booklets for The Vanguard Group. Today, Kelly specializes in stocks, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, investing newsletters, and personal finance. He also conducts seminars on money management and can be seen as a frequent guest on CNN's financial network.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • During his time at the University of Colorado, his professor told him that he would never succeed as an author because he 'lacked a basic command of the English language.'
  • On the contrary, IBM hired him as a technical writer at its Silicon Valley Laboratory in San Jose, California.
  • Once income from his freelance writing matched his income from IBM, he left corporate life to become a full-time freelance writer
  • One of his Japanese publishers, Shueisha, brought him to Tokyo on a book tour in 1999; Japan went straight to his heart and he decided to live there. 
  • He rented out his home in California and moved to Sano, Japan in 2002 for what he thought was going to be a one-year stay. Many years later, he still lives and works there.
  • After the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, he started Socks for Japan, a volunteer organization that hand-delivered 160,000 care packages from around the world to survivors.
  • He divides his time between Japan and Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.