James Helliwell

James Helliwell

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James Helliwell is the Chief Investment Strategist and Director of the Lex van Dam Trading Academy, a leading financial educator to a rising global following of novice and professional traders. He also co-manages the Academy and presents his regarded analysis and market insights exclusively via the LVDTA Trading Club. In addition, he is a Co-Instructor of Investopedia Academy's "Research and Trade like the Pros," and a CIO of various equity and fixed income funds where he employs the techniques he teaches. James has over 10 years of experience in the financial and capital markets, working across multiple asset classes with some of Europe’s leading hedge funds and investment banks. He specializes in global macro trading and contributes his analysis of currencies, commodities, and equities whilst managing a personal portfolio of listed and private equity investments.


  • James started his career as an FX analyst specializing in systematic trading strategies.

  • Later on, he served as a derivatives broker while trading a global macro strategy on a personal basis.

  • He has lectured at many world-renowned institutions, including the London School of Economics.

  • As an economist, James specializes in macro operations analyzing currencies, commodities and stocks.

  • He has also pursued several successful early stage investments and is an expert in medical marijuana, blockchain technology, and its impact on trading and the global economy.


  • James is quoted and featured in several major news outlets, including the Financial Times, Reuters, and Bloomberg.

  • He regularly presents to financial audiences as Head of Trading at the Lex van Dam Trading Academy.

  • He has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.