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Harris Kupperman

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Harris Kupperman has been successfully investing in the markets for more than two decades. Harris is the Founder, President, and Chief Investment Officer of Praetorian Capital, a hedge fund focused on using macro trends to guide stock selection. He is also a Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Mongolia Growth Capital, the only institutional property management platform in Mongolia with a full suite of services including acquisitions, property management, leasing, renovations and development. In addition, he writes the Adventures in Capital blog, a highly popular investment blog dedicated to uncovering unique opportunities around the world, and KEDM. Previously, Harris served as a Director at Director at Aeroquest International, a provider of airborne geophysical technologies and services.

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  • How can investors protect themselves from the potential losses that come with an investment?

  • What will cause the investment to increase in value in the future?

  • Is the investor investing at a price that is low enough that this hasn’t been priced in yet?


  • At its peak, a dollar invested on day one was worth over $26 before fees.

  • The fund is dedicated to seeking non-correlated, asymmetric returns.

  • The fund is highly dedicated to investments in vehicles benefitting from secular or cyclical tailwinds.

  • During the first five years, the fund continued to grow with the majority of the capital increasing the performance-not inflows.


  • Harris has appeared in various financial podcasts.

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.