GMoney eth

GMoney eth

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GMoney is a cryptocurrency investor and NFT collector. He purchased CryptoPunk 8219 in January 2021 for 140 Ether—about $170,00—which is a record sale at the time, triggering the rise in CryptoPunks in early 2021. He is one of the 24 Ape punks. GMoney is an active member of the crypto community and a strong advocate for NFT's and digital ownership rights. He also serves as a General Partner of Delphi INFINFT, a fund built dedicated to investing in NFT projects.


  • GMoney has been involved in cryptocurrency since 2017; he found out about Bitcoin in 2010 but did not start investing until years later. 
  • While Bitcoin was his entry into crypto, he also invested in the Initial Coin Offering boom years ago.
  • He bought his first CryptoPunk in December 2020; he originally bought a Zombie and paid about $20,000; he sold it for $1.4 million later on.
  • He likes Ethereum long-term; it is one of his favorite investments in crypto.