Genna Lozovsky

Genna Lozovsky

Formal First Name

Genna Lozovsky is Managing Partner and Portfolio Manager at Sandglass Capital Management, a firm that specializes in emerging and frontier markets investing, across a range of asset classes. The firm aims to generate superior and robust equity returns over a medium-term horizon while protecting capital under adverse economic conditions. At Sandglass, Genna and the investment team collaborate closely to leverage its diverse background to capture a wide opportunity set. Prior to co-founding Sandglass, he previously worked in various emerging market investment roles at Salute Capital Management, UFG Asset Management, and Renaissance Capital, where he developed his investment philosophy.

Professional Experience


  • Sandglass Capital Management is a multicultural firm with a strong commitment to industry best practices and investor communications.

  • The firm partners with high-growth companies building durable businesses that benefit from strong secular growth dynamics.

  • Their research process seeks to identify significant convexity of returns, and proactively engages with issues to influence the investment outcome.