Felix Hartmann

Felix Hartmann

Formal First Name
1/11/1955 - present

Felix Hartmann is the Founder and Managing General Partner of Hartmann Capital. He is a tech entrepreneur and futurist who started his career as an active trader in equities, derivatives, and crypto-assets. He soon discovered the potential of digital assets and has immersed himself in the space since then. Hartmann is now a highly regarded crypto economics expert that helps startups and legacy institutions find ways to leverage blockchain technology and crypto-assets. He is also a bestselling author and leading voice on social media, championing topics like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Hartmann has been one of the longest digital asset hedge fund managers in the space, navigating the 2018 bear market, 2020 Covid Crash, and the 2021 Bull market
  • He is recognized as one of the first Crypto Fund Activists, adding value to projects after acquiring significant stakes on the public markets. 
  • He has been an early investor in countless projects, including Enzyme Finance ($4), Terra ($0.20), Chiliz ($0.01), Aave ($27), SNX ($0.5), Maker ($300), and NXM ($17).
  • His clients have ranged from Draper-backed startups to multi-billion dollar merchant banks. 
  • He was one of only 130 individuals selected to be part of the first Ethereum Developer Academy sponsored by Ethereum founder Joseph Lubin back in 2017.
  • His focus and expertise in the realm of digital assets have led him to advise billion-dollar merchant banks, G8 nations.
  • He is one of the first lecturers on the topic of bitcoin and blockchain at several universities.
  • He founded Crypto Academy, one of the largest crypto trader and investor educational platforms.
  • He has since advised several blockchain projects. 


  • Hartmann is regularly quoted by the media on crypto-assets, decentralization, and blockchain.
  • He has been featured in mainstream news from Forbes, Nasdaq, and the Times to industry outlets like BTC-Echo, Cointelegraph, and CryptoSlate.
  • He has been a guest of Podcasts such as the Pomp Podcast, Going Elliptic, and Desire to Trade.
  • He has commanded audiences at industry events like Blockchain Connect and Blockchain Beach, educational institutions like Temple University and Florida Atlantic university, major summits and conferences like Next Gen summit and SUP-X, private seminars and masterminds like BossCamp and LeaderShape Institute, Fortune 500 enterprises like Target, as well as governmental events like Cenas Empresariales.