Farokh Sarmad

Farokh Sarmad

Formal First Name
1994 - present

Farokh Sarmad is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, social media expert, and community builder. Farokh is the Founder of Rug Radio on Twitter Spaces, and Founder and CEO of Goodlife Media & Communications, a digital marketing agency designed to build communication strategies for brands and people online. An expert in branding and marketing on social media, Farokh actively works and has collaborated with over 1,000 people and brands that needed to boost their social media presence or product sales. Farokh is well-versed in the art of growth-hacking, and already had a fantastic base of social media know-how. He made his mark on the NFT industry by hosting a number of celebrities on Clubhouse for live NFT drops. He exploited overflow rooms to build greater and bigger communities on Clubhouse, de onstrating how preparation meets opportunity.

Academic History


  • Farokh is recognized for helping the most recognizable entrepreneurs build their personal brands on social media.

  • In just a few months, he managed to become one of the largest influencers in the luxury niche of Instagram.

  • Today, Goodlife owns and operates one of the largest luxury and real estate distribution networks on Instagram.

  • He has built a following of over 10 million followers in Instagram, generating over 250 million impressions through his social media agency.

  • He advises entrepreneurs and companies who need creative, innovative and unique ways to market themselves and reach Gen Z and Millenials.


  • Farokh hosts the Clubhouse.

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.