Fabian Vogelsteller

Fabian Vogelsteller

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Fabian Vogelsteller is the Founder and Chief Blockchain Architect of LUKSO, a blockchain platform for the new creative economies. He leads the concept, design, and development of LUKSO. His interest in cryptocurrencies led him to be part of one of the most ambitious blockchain projects to date, the Ethereum project. He is a long-standing open-source developer, author, and creator of several multi-million-user blockchain projects, including the Ethereum Wallet, Ethereum Mist, and web3.js.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Vogelsteller entered the world of programming at age 14. He began with HTML, PHP, ActionScript, and JavaScript. 
  • The first of his great works was Feindura, a CMS that was developed and presented in 2012. 
  • He did not know Bitcoin until 2013, captured by the revolutionary technology and rich community.


  • Vogelsteller joined the Ethereum Foundation in January 2015.
  • He began building the first interfaces to interact with smart contracts, a situation that facilitated the work of developers and encouraged new experiences for users.


  • Mist Browser, a DApps browser enabled on the Ethereum network
  • Ethereum wallet, the official Ethereum wallet
  • web3.js, the world's most widely used JavaScript library Ethereum


  • In November 2015, Fabian Vogelsteller and Vitalik Buterin presented the development of the ERC-20 token, which allows creating a standard interface to easily deploy tokens over the Ethereum network.
  • The success of this structure was immediate—the avalanche of ICOs and new tokens on the Ethereum network was huge. 
  • ERC-20 initiated the world ICO wave and a new era of tokenized investment and crowd ownership.
  • For this reason and thanks to its creator, Vogelsteller was dubbed as "The Father of ICOs."

  • Vogelsteller has appeared as a guest on Real Vision.