David Truffelman

David Truffelman

Formal First Name

David Truffelman is a Founding Partner of i10 Research, a quantitative research firm providing actionable market analysis, trading and investing advice for the stock market and commodity markets. In addition to being Partner, he is also a quantitative research analyst for all i10 Research daily and weekly reports. Prior to co-founding i10, he worked as a Managing Partner of an NFA/CFTC registered introducing broker as well as a principal of an NFA/CFTC registered CTA in the past. David has more than 25 years of equity, foreign exchange, and commodity futures trading experience. David specializes in volume-at-price analysis and the use of Auction Market Theory/Principles for identifying high-reward, low risk opportunities to achieve exceptional risk-adjusted returns.

Professional Experience

Academic History

  • In his role, David provides advice to thousands of investment professionals every day including many of the top financial institutions on Wall Street and around the world.

  • Prior to co-founding i10 Research, he was President of Sapphire Trading, a commodity futures broker specializing in technical trading research focused on volume at price analysis.

  • David was also Branch Manager at Blue Ridge Futures and Managing Director at Pro-Active Futures, a commodity futures introducing broker.

  • He also served as a Proprietary Equity Trader at Schonfeld.

  • In addition to his corporate responsibilities, David volunteers for Peak Lab Rescue, an animal welfare organization for abandoned and rescued dogs.

i10 Research's Services include:

  • Bullish/Neutral/Bearish technical biases

  • Technical Outlook and Forecast

  • Support and Resistance Zones

  • Actionable and investable advisor/trader instructions