Dani Loftus

Dani Loftus

Formal First Name
Daniella (Dani)

Daniella Loftus is highly-known in the space for pioneering digital fashion with her digital outfits. Dani is the Founder of This Outfit Does Not Exist, a platform bringing digital fashion to life through education, exploration and exhibition. Drawing on her past experience in blockchain, sustainability, fashion and corporate innovation, Dani launched T.O.D.N.E. to facilitate the fashion industry's transition towards digital models of creation and consumption. In addition, she is the Founder and CEO of DRAUP, a platform that serves as a marketplace where consumers can buy, sell, resell and earn digital fashion. Dani also works to optimize digital fashion in business, publishes thought leadership on digital fashion’s impacts, and showcases digital fashion’s aesthetic potential. Today, she also works with The Fabricant as its first PolymXth, where she runs weekly clubhouse talks with leaders across fashion, blockchain and gaming.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • Dani worked as a consultant for Founders Intelligence, a firm that works with leaders at major corporations.

  • At Founders, she helped Fortune 100 companies harness disruption through innovation strategy, partnerships and investments.

  • She was a Business Development Manager at LendLedger, an open, global network using blockchain technology.


  • Her work on T.O.D.N.E. has been featured in numerous financial media outlets and publications.

  • She has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.