Dan Desjardins

Dan Desjardins

Formal First Name
Daniel (Dan)

Dan Desjardins is the Co-Founder and CEO of Distributive, a computing company focused on removing barriers to digital transformation. He leads the company in developing the Distributive Compute Protocol, a next-generation distributed computing platform built on web technology. Desjardins is a computational physicist and tech entrepreneur. Prior to Distributive, he served over 10 years in the Royal Canadian Air Force as a military search and rescue pilot and as an Assistant Professor of Physics and Space Science at the Royal Military College of Canada.

Professional Experience

Academic History


  • DCP is a powerful distributed computing platform and ecosystem providing everything from cutting edge scientific research to next-gen commercial solutions.

  • It provides developers with a user-friendly Compute API to express computational jobs.

  • It also provides the DCP Scheduler which automatically matches jobs with compute supply on the network.