Dale Pinkert

Dale Pinkert

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Dale Pinkert is a seasoned veteran with over 40 years of experience as a commodity and FX trader. Dale is the Head of trader Development at Tradeview Markets, where he also serves as the Trading Coach at TradeGateHub, one of the world's best social trading communities. He is the Host and Moderator of the Forex Analytix Community Experience, a webinar that aims to inform and educate traders, and an Anchor and Moderator at FXStreet, where he facilitates traders to create a safe and supportive environment. Dale began his career in operations on the CME floor for Dean Witter when they traded currency futures on chalkboards, before starting his own GIB firm. Throughout his career, Dale has Coached and mentored retail and prop traders and has gained a solid reputation for his work on the other side of the mic having interviewed over 1000 of the best of the best in trading. Today, he continues to Coach and train traders all over the world.

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  • Dale's forecasts have been aired on many financial media including CNBC.

  • He has also appeared as a guest on Real Vision.