Craig Wichner

Craig Wichner

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Craig Wichner is the Founder and Managing Partner of Farmland LP, the largest farmland manager focused on organic farmland. He is responsible for day-to-day management, business strategy, and all investment activity. Combining real estate management, biological science, and private equity led to the creation of Farmland LP. Wichner has helped manage his family’s real estate portfolio of apartment buildings for over 25 years. He is a seasoned executive with nearly 30 years of experience building companies such as Depotech, which developed and currently produces an FDA-approved treatment for metastatic brain cancer, and Kindmark, which developed and sold automated employee charitable contribution programs for Fortune 500 Companies.

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  • Farmland LP creates robust returns by transforming conventional farmland into thriving, sustainably managed organic farmland.

  • The company employs a distinctive, value-add commercial real estate approach to the $3.8 trillion farmland industry designed to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for investors

  • Their funds are designed to generate competitive, risk-adjusted returns to investors while also demonstrating – and quantifying – the positive benefits of regenerative farming on human health, ecosystems, biodiversity, water resources, and climate change.

  • Their approach to acquiring and converting farmland relies on their unique operational expertise to enhance value in each of our farmland investments

  • They focus on generating competitive risk-adjusted returns while accruing benefits to stakeholders across the ecosystems in which they operate.