Farmland LP

Founding Date

Farmland LP is a preeminent fund manager specializing in organic farmland. A leader in the farmland investment sector, Farmland LP creates robust returns by transforming conventional farmland into thriving, sustainably managed organic farmland. Farmland LP employs a distinctive, value-add commercial real estate approach to the $3.8 trillion farmland industry designed to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns for investors. The company’s funds are designed to generate competitive, risk-adjusted returns to investors while also demonstrating – and quantifying – the positive benefits of regenerative farming on human health, ecosystems, biodiversity, water resources, and climate change.


  • Farmland LP is a real-asset based fund that buys such conventional farmland and converts it to organic, sustainably managed acreage.

  • The fund grows higher value crops, while also improving soil health, biodiversity, water quality and carbon sequestration.

  • They buy commodity farmland and add value by securing organic certification, investing in infrastructure, and increasing crop diversity.

  • Their approach to acquiring and converting farmland relies on their unique operational expertise to enhance value in each of our farmland investments

  • They focus on generating competitive risk-adjusted returns while accruing benefits to stakeholders across the ecosystems in which they operate.


  • Converting to Organic. 

Their company focuses on securing USDA Organic Certification by converting commodity crops to specialty and permanent crops.

They invest in irrigation and water rights, fencing, large farm equipment, value-add facilities, and other assets.

  • Increasing Crop Diversity. 

The company aims to develop long-term crop rotation plans to increase soil fertility, productivity, and resilience.

  • Actively Managing Farmland. 

They actively managed their properties to increase revenue and reduce risk over the life of the investment.