Claud Anderson

Claud Anderson

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Dr. Claud Anderson is the President of PowerNomics and The Harvest Institute, a nationally-recognized think tank focused on research, policy development, education and advocacy to increase the self-sufficiency of Black America. Dr. Anderson is an empowerment leader, visionary, and one of the best economic minds in Black America. His books, all highly popular, are widely read throughout the United States and are used as textbooks in many universities and high schools.  He also lectures frequently to business groups, universities, churches and social organizations on the economic, social and political solutions he proposes. In addition, he has held the highest positions in federal and state government and politics.


  • Dr. Anderson is the undisputed champion regarding the power and economics of African Americans. 

  • PowerNomics is a package of principles and strategies that explain “race” and offer a guide for Black America to become a more self-sufficient and economically competitive group in America.

  • His book, PowerNomics, incorporates and reflects his past experiences: his academic research, business experience, both as an owner and a capital provider, and his varied political positions.


  • Dr. Anderson has taught at all levels of education, was also executive director of two economic development corporations for the city of Miami, Florida.

  • He has a broad base of experiences spanning education, business, federal and state politics, and social reform.

  • Although he has been a political independent for many years, he was a major planner and coordinator for the 1988 Democratic Convention in Atlanta and has taught at all levels of education.