Bruce Fenton

Bruce Fenton

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Bruce Fenton is a Bitcoin advocate, investor, consultant, and the Founder and Managing Director of Chainstone Labs, a stealth-mode fintech company focused on digital securities. Fenton is also the Co-Founder and Host of The Satoshi Roundtable, an annual event of the most prominent figures in blockchain and crypto. He was a former Board Member and Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation, the largest and oldest industry group for Bitcoin technology, and was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Atlantic Financial, a global focused economic consulting and wealth management firm. In addition, he was also the founder of the DUbai Conference and Bitcoin Association, an industry advocacy group. Prior to joining Bitcoin in 2012, Fenton had specialized in emerging technologies and emerging markets, serving as an advisor to large government funds, investment firms, high net worth individuals and charitable organizations.

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