The Satoshi Roundtable

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The Satoshi Roundtable is an annual event of the most prominent figures in blockchain and cryptocurrency. The event brings together some of the most leading developers, CEOs, founders, scientists, academics and investors of the blockchain community for high quality, productive conversation. It features a unique, interactive, organic, and decentralized discussion structure, meant to facilitate open-ended discussion about the future of blockchain and crypto, and take place in different settings ranging from everyone in a large room to a small three-person meeting. The Satoshi Roundtable was founded in 2015 and organized by industry veteran, Bruce Fenton.


  • Past attendees have included Vitalik Buterin, Adam Back, Roger Ver, Charlie Lee, Bobby Lee, and Elizabeth Stark.

  • Attendees also included Brian Armstrong, Fluffypony, Brock Pierce, Erik Voorhees, Jameson Lopp and more.

  • People from traditional finance such as Fidelity Investments and the World Bank have attended as well.